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Grampound garage 1960s
Grampound garage 1960s (20090071)
The Grampound garage in the 1960s. Mrs Dunn, then the owner, is on the right with two customers. The pumps were right by the side of the, already narrow, old bridge. When vehicles stopped to fill up the road was effectively reduced to a single lane. (Hicks)
Garage on bridge 1963
Garage on bridge 1963 (20090070)
The garage, on the right by the mini, and the old bridge in the snow in 1963. The Dunn family owned the garage for many years; they then sold it in the mid 1960s to the Bostocks. (Hicks)
Fore street 1960s
Fore street 1960s (20090062)
Fore Street Grampound looking east towards Town Hall c1960s. The building with the notice board on the wall immediately uphill from the parked car on the left was the police station which was closed in the mid 1960s. Next up, with the railings, is Lindley and the white house is Springfield. (Hicks)
Old bridge and Toll House
Old bridge and Toll House (20090059)
Old Bridge and Toll House soon before rebuilding in 1968. In the foreground on the left were five allotments and the building in the middle distance on the left was a blacksmiths forge; this stood at the junction of the A390 with Old Hill. (Hicks)
Miss Mannell's chickens 1966
Miss Mannell's chickens 1966 (20090055)
The site of the modern-day house Kentyre. In 1966, when this photo was taken, the owner of the former General Store, now known as Polman, owned this land and kept chickens on it. The name 'Polman' came from the owners of the General Store Mr Pollard and Miss Mannell. Mr Pollard worked as a salesman for the Croggon's tannery until about 1945. Springfield, Pepo Lane, St Nun's church and Town Hall can be seen in the background. (Hicks)