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Land Holdings Map 1831
Land Holdings Map 1831 (20090208)
Land holdings map of western end of Fore Street and Old Hill (part 2), Grampound drawn by Mary Oliver. This is based on an original map drawn in 1831 by H St Aubyn. See appendix 1 to these notes for the key â€" available from Heritage Centre. (Oliver)
View of Grampound - painted
View of Grampound - painted (20090063)
General view of Grampound c1900 painted (see black and white photo 20090028). Pictured from the hill behind the modern-day pet store. It was then a tannery and was owned by R Bennett and Son. The road to St Austell, as it climbs the hill through the village, can be seen at the top left. (Hicks)
Old bridge and Toll House
Old bridge and Toll House (20090059)
Old Bridge and Toll House soon before rebuilding in 1968. In the foreground on the left were five allotments and the building in the middle distance on the left was a blacksmiths forge; this stood at the junction of the A390 with Old Hill. (Hicks)
Bermondsey and Old Hill
Bermondsey and Old Hill (20090029)
Bermondsey and Old Hill viewed from main road. The Toll house can be seen on the right by the horse and cart. (Croggon)
View of Grampound
View of Grampound (20090028)
General view of Grampound looking east. A painted version of this photo is 20090063. (Croggon)
Grampound allotments
Grampound allotments (20090007)
Grampound allotments. Old Hill rising in background. Allotments lost to Cornwall County Council A390 road widening scheme. (Paynter)