Grampound school photo 1990

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Back - James Webb, Emma Harris, Maria May, Dillon Mallet, Daniel Watson, Hal Stennat, Jeremy Cock, Simon James, David Colwell, Richenda Tisdale, Chris Butler, Donna Whetter, Katrina May. Second - Jeremy Hill, Alastair Woodman, Kelly Mallet, Simon Fisher, Nicholas Fisher, Andrew Webb, Caroline Davies, Sarah-Jane Sherratt, Monica Skelly, Joseph Anstis, Oliver Blackman, Tom Gardener, Julian Woodman. Third - Lucy Gardner, David Sherratt, Adam James, Rosy Jacob, Mrs Chris Rowse, Mrs Dot Chaffin, Mrs Ruth Hacking, Helen Couch, Joseph Watson, Martin Pearce. Front - Lee Juleff, Kevin May, Olivia Blackman, Tom Whetter, Daniel Blackman, Ashley Sinfield, Paul Tisdale, James Brewer.

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