Nantellan Cottage c1991

Picture of Nantellan Cottage c1991
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Nantellan Cottage is thought to be pre-Victorian, probably very early 19th century. In the garden was the mill and some of its wall still exists. We know that the mill wheel was removed in 1967 and taken to Garlenick at the same time the stream/leat was re-routed to where it is today.

Nantellan Manor/Mansion/House of the Gentry is closely adjacent and was first mentioned in 1337 as part of Tybesta. Tybesta was a Saxon Manor that was taken over by William the Conqueror and was one of seventeen Royal Manors in Cornwall that he granted to his half brother Robert, Earl of Mortain. It is listed in the Domesday Book of 1087 when it was clearly a large and prosperous holding. Nantellan House was rebuilt on the ruins of the original in 1551 by John Vincent, on his marriage to Johane Nankivell. The present house was added to in 1748. A new South front which houses the three front rooms, lounge, dining room and drawing room was built in 1795. The (snug/study) at the back of the house is thought to be the original living room.

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