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Glen View, Old Hill
Glen View, Old Hill (20169060)
This house stands at the junction of the old road and the lane round towards Trewithen (Royal Cornwall Museum)
Grampound school group
Grampound school group (20159033)
The writing on the blackboard says T98-2 Junior Group. Could it be 1898? No names given, from the Pascoe collection. (Pascoe)
Women at Creed Rectory
Women at Creed Rectory (20120517)
A group of women photographed at Creed Rectory on July 29th 1895. There is no indication of the nature of the group but possibly Mother's Union. The woman standing in the back row third from the left is Mrs Minnie Scholar of Penbetha, mother of Fred Scholar whose memories of Grampound in the 20th century have been published by the Grampound with Creed Heritage Project. Fred's father was Thomas Scholar and Minnie was his second wife, his first wife having died in Devon at a young age. She was born Minnie Treneer at Laity Moor near Ponsonooth in the parish of St Gluvias (Penryn) and came to Grampound, probably in the 1880s, to work as a nurse to the children of Revd and Mrs Vivian at Creed Rectory. Minnie married Thomas Scholar late in 1891 and they went on to have eight children, including Frederick Charles - 'Fred'. She is buried at Creed Church. (Scholar)
Bermondsey (20120399)
Bermondsey, ie bottom of Old Hill, looking uphill. Date unknown but probably late 19th or early 20th century. This was a postcard but it bears no stamp or postmark. (Crowe)
People (20120393)
On the back of this postcard photo is written 'Grandma Mannell'. The object is usually in the centre but who is the lady with the elaborate costume and umbrella? late 19th early 20th C. (Crowe)
Bermondsey, Grampound
Bermondsey, Grampound (20120389)
Bermondsey, Grampound ie bottom of Old Hill and looking downhill. Date unknown but this was a postcard whose stamp was of the period 1918-21. The picture is probably earlier, perhaps late 19th or early 20th century. (Crowe)
Grampound people with a donkey
Grampound people with a donkey (20120387)
This was a postcard but the date, location and names are unknown. Late 19th or early 20th Century. (Crowe)
Grampound production
Grampound production (20120374)
Probably a school production. Date unknown. (Crowe)
Grampound Town Band in the late 19th century
Grampound Town Band in the late 19th century (20110386)
Grampound Town Band in the late 19th century. This image is probably later than 0385 as the band members now have uniforms. (Libby)
Grampound Town Band in the late 19th century
Grampound Town Band in the late 19th century (20110385)
Grampound Town Band in the late 19th century. The Band Leader is seated in the middle of the front row, wearing a watch chain. He is Charles Mannell, the great-grandfather of Chris Libby who donated these images. (Libby)
Grampound School Scholars
Grampound School Scholars (20115021)
The Heritage Project was given this photograph by the School in 2009. On the back is inscribed "Great Grandfather William Andrew and his scholars and teachers at Grampound School of which he was Headmaster for 36 years. Great Gran also taught here too. This appears to show the Sunday School.Jane may be the Great Gran (Census 1891) (Parish Council Collection)
Old Bridge
Old Bridge (20115019)
Bermondsey, Old Bridge, Old Smithy etc â€" date unknown. (Hicks)
Toll House at Grampound
Toll House at Grampound (20115018)
Old Bridge at Grampound showing Police Constable â€" date unknown â€" early 20th century? (Hicks)
Grampound Road Station
Grampound Road Station (20115015)
Grampound Road Station â€" date unknown but late 19th/early 20th century? (Hicks)
Oak Harvesting
Oak Harvesting (20110359)
This photo was donated by Geoff Jones, who is a member of the Knowles family of Grampound. It is probably late 19th or early 20th century and the location is thought to be Bosillion Lane. It shows coppiced oak being harvested prior to having its bark stripped to make tanning liquor for the Manor Tannery. (Jones/Knowles)
Old Hill 1960s
Old Hill 1960s (20112187)
Old Hill 1960s or 1970s Wool shed on the right used by the Fal Valley Tannery to store sheep hides prior to processing. This tannery was once owned by the Nancarrow family who sold it to the Bennetts in the 1890s. The house 'Westering' was built on the site of the wool shed in the 1980s or 1990s. Glenview still stands and is on the right. (Paynter)
School, Cottages and Old Bridge c1895
School, Cottages and Old Bridge c1895 (20100134)
School, cottages and old bridge c1895. The stone resting against the wall of the far cottage was placed there to keep horses and carts away from the wall of the house. (Hicks)
Wesleyan Chapel
Wesleyan Chapel (20091015)
The exterior of the Bible Christian or Wesleyan Chapel in Creed Lane. There is no date on the photo but the dress of the woman suggests late 19th century or very early 20th; long dresses of this kind were rarely seen after World War One. (Paynter)
The Hollies
The Hollies (20091007)
The Hollies engulfed by a shrub. Looking uphill towards the eastern end of the village. Pre motor traffic probably. (Paynter)
Top of Fore Street looking west
Top of Fore Street looking west (20091004)
Top of Fore Street looking west from just below the sub Post Office which was then in the present (2008) antiques shop. The Town Hall clock shown is the old octagonal one that was replaced in the late 1890s. (Paynter)
Grampound with Creed School
Grampound with Creed School (20090197)
An original drawing for the Booklet ‘Grampound with Creed’ published in 1992 by Amy Bane and Mary Oliver. Grampound with Creed Junior and Infants School built in 1869. The present large window under the gabled section was probably installed c1900 to replace a smaller one. The school stands on the line of the road leading to the earlier bridge over the River Fal that was replaced in 1834; ‘Old Hill’ was then the main road to Truro. (Oliver)
Trevillick House
Trevillick House (20090176)
A group of adults and children outside Trevillick House, Fore Street, Grampound. The Town Hall clock dates this picture before c1894. (Oliver)
The Town Hall
The Town Hall (20090175)
Children outside the Town Hall and St Nun's Church c1894-1918. If you recognise any of these children please let us know - there are some very familiar faces here! (Oliver)
The Town Hall
The Town Hall (20090174)
The Town Hall and St Nun’s Church showing the new clock and plaque but not the War Memorial; this places this photograph between 1894 and 1918. (Oliver)
The Town Hall
The Town Hall (20090173)
The Town Hall showing the old clock that was replaced following a donation by Rev Charles Henry Vivian in 1894. The plaque acknowledging this gift can now be seen on this elevation above that commemorating the Grampound war-dead of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945. The door and the left hand window on the front were swopped over during a renovation. (Oliver)
Truro Horse Bus
Truro Horse Bus (20090172)
Will Croggon with the Truro horse bus, called The Magnet, outside the village school. This photograph was probably taken before c1900 when the windows in the school were enlarged by being heightened. See 20090156 for more details. Photographer H E Julyan. (Oliver)
Mothers' Union 1895
Mothers' Union 1895 (20090113)
Grampound and Creed Mothers' Union in Creed House Garden 1895 (Hicks)
Bridge 19th Century
Bridge 19th Century (20090107)
School and old bridge in the late 19th century. Note the smaller school window than now. It is thought the larger window was installed around 1900. The cottages, removed for road widening in the 1960s (20090106), are seen on the right and the angle of this photo shows the limited width of the road and bridge at this point. Old Hill can be seen in the distance. (Hicks)
Town Hall Pre-1894
Town Hall Pre-1894 (20090077)
Grampound Town Hall pre-1894 when the clock was replaced as a result of a donation by the Rev Charles Henry Vivian. A plaque noting this gift is now attached to this elevation. Note the oil lamp outside the Church. The last man to fill this was Charles Knowles who is thought to have lived at Myrtle Cottage on Old Hill. (Hicks)
Hillside circa. 1897
Hillside circa. 1897 (20090020)
Hillside with William and Eliza Croggon about 1897 (Croggon)