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Grampound Floods 2001
Grampound Floods 2001 (20120516)
Grampound Floods 2001. The recreation ground and football pitch in early 2001. Happily, not yet in 2012! (Paynter)
Grampound Bowls Club
Grampound Bowls Club (20120383)
Date unsure but possibly inter-war or just post WW2.The names include - ? Landry, Tommy Daniel, Ian Croggon, Wally Rowe, Jack Bickle, Dick Ellis, (Thunder) Jack Scholar, Fred Mannell, Alfred Mannell. (Crowe)
Grampound Floods 2000
Grampound Floods 2000 (20112180)
Grampound floods December 2000 Bowling green (Paynter)
Grampound Bowling Club c1980
Grampound Bowling Club c1980 (20102102)
Bowling green with clubhouse with corrugated roof Erected 1962, photo from 1980s (Paynter)
Bowling Club 1997
Bowling Club 1997 (20100136)
Bowling Club 1997. From the left the figures are Clarence Juleff, Reg Middleton (President of the Cornish County Bowling Association), Mrs Middleton (President of the Cornish County Women's Bowling Association) and Ron Hicks. In the background is the old village hall; the tennis courts also in the background used to stand on what is now the car park of the new village hall. (Hicks)
Bowling Club 1920s
Bowling Club 1920s (20100135)
Bowling Club 1920s. This is a second version of 0110. (Hicks)
Bowling Green c1948
Bowling Green c1948 (20100122)
A gathering at the Bowling Green c1947/8. The woman standing on the right is Mrs Stewart, wife of Dr Stewart. The man standing to her right is Ralph James of Barteliver Farm. (Hicks)
Bowls players 1925
Bowls players 1925 (20090110)
This was at the site of the old bowling green, Quarry Parc in Creed Lane where the club was located between 1921and 1927. The Bowling Club moved to its present home in 1927. On the left in the back row stands Mr Ralph James; he had been affected by polio and went everywhere by horse. The third from the right in the back row (wearing flat cap) is Mr Cundy, whose blacksmith's forge was located at the foot of Old Hill. (Hicks)
Bowling club 1950
Bowling club 1950 (20090092)
The Bowling Club c1950. The person on the front left is Lewis Mannell of Glen View on Old Hill. (Hicks)
Bowling club in the press
Bowling club in the press (20090091)
Newspaper article about Bowling Club 60th anniversary in 1987. This includes the history of the Bowls Club. (Hicks)
Bowling club 60th
Bowling club 60th (20090090)
Bowling Club 60th anniversary 1987. Pictured are (left to right) Tony Mogford, Vera Webb, Ron Hicks, Marie Jo James, Sheila Williams, Cliff Webb, Clem Knowles and Cyril Waters. (Hicks)
Grampound bowling club
Grampound bowling club (20090044)
Grampound bowls players c1954. Back row second from left is Mr Grigg and third from left is Mr Mannell. Right of back row is Mr Scee. Front row are (from left) Barbara Allen (now Tregunna), Miss Cowlan, Mrs Mannell and Mrs Crispin. (Tregunna)