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Grampound National School Group 1905
Grampound National School Group 1905 (20169099)
Headmaster Mr Colton. (Amy Bane (Barbara Lobb))
Riverside Petrol Station from the air
Riverside Petrol Station from the air (20169075)
Here is Riverside Petrol Station and Grampound with Creed School taken from the air just after the road widening. (Pryer)
Grampound Floods 2001
Grampound Floods 2001 (20120516)
Grampound Floods 2001. The recreation ground and football pitch in early 2001. Happily, not yet in 2012! (Paynter)
Grampound School photo
Grampound School photo (20120423)
Back row l to r: Angela Crowe, ?, David Juleff, ?, Robert Pooley, Andrew Teague, ?, Beverley Way, Alison Way, Katherine Way, ?. Second row l to r: Alison Laily, Alison Paynter, Alan Crowe, Karen Lacey, Debbie Noye, Sonia May, Martin Bannett, Jonathon Morford. Front row l to r: Angela Bennett, Tina Biddle, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?. (Crowe)
Grampound Scouts - Tea Week
Grampound Scouts - Tea Week (20120416)
Providing tea for passers-by in Grampound. ?, Michael Richards. Gregory Phillips, Tristan Spalding. (Crowe)
Grampound Scouts - Tea week
Grampound Scouts - Tea week (20120412)
David Crowe, Gregory Phillips, ?, Michael Richards, Tristan Spalding. (Crowe)
Grampound Scouts
Grampound Scouts (20120411)
Sean Mannell (Crowe)
Grampound School Carnival Float
Grampound School Carnival Float (20120405)
Heather James, Joy Rowe (in cauldron) (Crowe)
Grampound School
Grampound School (20120401)
Back row l to r - ?, David Juleff, Alison Way, Angela Bennett, Connie Bennett, Second row l to r â€" ?, Linda ?, Jackie Pooley, Ian Pomeroy, Andrew Teague, Antony Bestoile, Pauline Bennett, ?. Third row l to r â€" Karen ?, Nigel Still, Angela Crowe, Robert Pooley, Beverley Way, Tina Bestoile, Elaine Bostock. Front row l to r â€" Katherine Way, Sonia May, Alison ?, Martin Bennett, ?, Jonathon Morford, Christopher Paynter. (Crowe)
Grampound School 1929
Grampound School 1929 (20120398)
Grampound School 1929. This was a postcard. (Crowe)
Grampound School Football Team 1949
Grampound School Football Team 1949 (20120397)
Back row l to r â€" Evan Webb, George Ellis, Des Pollard, Paul Juleff, John ?, Raymond Mannell, Michael Biddick, Norman Way, Barry Bennetts, Bill Pollard, Douglas Richards. (Crowe)
Grampound United Methodist Chapel 1910
Grampound United Methodist Chapel 1910 (20120391)
Grampound United Methodist Chapel Sunday School Tea Treat 1910. This was a postcard. (Crowe)
Grampound School junior group 1916 or 1917
Grampound School junior group 1916 or 1917 (20120390)
From a postcard with no date or stamp. (Crowe)
Grampound School 1935
Grampound School 1935 (20120384)
Silver Jubilee year King George V and Queen Mary (Crowe)
Grampound School - Inter-school sports 1952
Grampound School - Inter-school sports 1952 (20120378)
winners of the inter-school sports. Back row, L-R Mary Thomas, Maureen Mannell(Kemp), Norman Way, Jill Matta,Mr Dobel, Valerie Cox(Cundy), Johnston Mitchel, Raymond Mannell, John Emmett, Anthony Mannell, David Paynter. Middle row, L-R Margaret Richards, Iris Ruchards, Leone Spry (Crowe), Bill Pollard, Jenny Horton(Rowe),Diana Mitchell, Douglas Richards, Paul Juleff, Jill Dobel. Front row, L-R Marilyn Best, Susan Mannell, Susan Lukey, Malcolm Spry, Donald Ford, William Richard. (Crowe)
Grampound School Football Team 1925
Grampound School Football Team 1925 (20120376)
Grampound School Football Team 1925. (Crowe)
Grampound production
Grampound production (20120374)
Probably a school production. Date unknown. (Crowe)
Sunday School c2010
Sunday School c2010 (20120446)
Grampound with Creed Sunday School c2010. Featured are (l to r) Dorcas, Jade, Poppy, Sophia and Rachel. (Heritage Project Collection)
T J Lobb Cars Cornwall
T J Lobb Cars Cornwall (20110388)
In the autumn of 2011 Tim Lobb Cars, Cornwall, the long-established garage in Grampound, took a lease on the disused petrol station at the west end of the village. Considerable renovation of the premises took place before the opening for the car sales side of the business. Tim Lobb first opened his car repair, tuning and servicing business in 1970 at the old forge, opposite the Dolphin Inn. The petrol station, now closed for over 10 years, was certainly trading as long ago as the 1950s and was once renowned for its beautiful gardens. (Stovell)
Grampound school watercolour 1980s
Grampound school watercolour 1980s (20112266)
The artist was Edith Hardaker and it is believed that it was executed in the 1980s. Edith Hardaker only took up painting when she retired at 70 but quickly became so accomplished in watercolour work that she taught classes in the subject. As the mother of Peter Hardaker, she was a frequent visitor to Grampound and painted many views of the village and surrounding area. (Lundie)
Grampound school photo c. late 1980s
Grampound school photo c. late 1980s (20112263)
Front â€" Jason Couch (standing), Liam Marvin, Tom Whetter, Stephanie Vincent, ? White, Christopher Taylor, Matthew Taylor, ? White, Coleen Davies, Oliver James, Rhys Bonney, Carl Mallet (standing). Second â€" Maria May, Adam James, Lucy Gardner, Jo Watson, Paul Tisdale, James Brewer, ? Blackman, Tristen Rendell, Lee Juleff, Ashley Sinfield, Rhiannon Marvin, ? Blackman, Katrina May, Rhiannon Bonney. Third â€" Dorothy Walker, Kevin May, Jamie Anstis, Simon James, Jeremy Hill, Julian Woodman, Joseph Anstis, Hal Stennett, Shane Bonney, Helen Couch, Hannah Sinfield, Mrs Ruth Hacking (Headteacher). Fourth â€" Dillon Mallett, Tom Gardner, James Blackman, James Webb. (Rowe)
Grampound school photo  infants 1992
Grampound school photo infants 1992 (20112262)
Front/sitting â€" Stephanie Vincent, Matthew Taylor, Luanna Keating, Christopher Taylor, Hannah Sinfield. Middle â€" Jason Couch, Kevin May, Oliver James, Rhiannon Bryne, Coleen Davies, Liam Baxter. Back â€" Judith Mumby (Head), Rhys Bonney, Tom Whetter, Jamie Anstis, Liam Bryne, Carl Mallett, Pam Riley (Infant Teacher). (Rowe)
Grampound school photo juniors 1992
Grampound school photo juniors 1992 (20112261)
Front â€" Daniel Blackman. Sitting â€" Ashley Sinfield, Lee Juleff, Katrina May, Helen Couch, Lucy Gardner, Adam James, Tristan Rendall. Standing/front â€" Paul Tisdale, Jo Watson, Tom Gardner, Julian Woodman, James Blackman, Joseph Anstis, James Webb, Oliver Blackman. Standing/back â€" Judith Mumby (Head), Maria May, Shane Bonnet, Jeremy Hill, Hal Stennett, Simon James, Dillon Mallett, Rhiannon Bonney, Jenny Moss (Head’s Relief) (Rowe)
Grampound school photo 1991
Grampound school photo 1991 (20112260)
Ruth Hacking. Back â€" Adam James, Shane Bonney, Lucy Gardner, Gareth Mohammed, David Colwell, Tom Gardner, Julian Woodman, Hal Stennatt, Dillon Mallett, James Webb, Rhiannon Bonney, Lee Juleff, Dot Walker (infant teacher). Second â€" Rosie Jacomb, Ben Champion, Jeremy Hill, James Blackman, Alistair Woodman, Simon James, David Sherratt. Joseph Anstis, Daniel Watson, Louise Mohammed, Glyn Davies, Daniel Peters, Paul Tisdale. Third, Carl Mallett, ? Blackman, Joseph Watson, James Brewer, Katrina May, Maria May, Katie Tisdale, Ashley Sinfield, Oliver James, ? Blackman, Jason Couch. Front â€" Coleen Davies, ? White, Helen Couch, Liam Byrne, Kevin May, Chris Taylor, Tom Whetter, Jamie Anstis, Rhiannon Byrne, Hannah Sinfield, ? White, Stephanie Vincent. (Rowe)
Grampound school photo 1990
Grampound school photo 1990 (20112259)
Back â€" James Webb, Emma Harris, Maria May, Dillon Mallet, Daniel Watson, Hal Stennat, Jeremy Cock, Simon James, David Colwell, Richenda Tisdale, Chris Butler, Donna Whetter, Katrina May. Second â€" Jeremy Hill, Alastair Woodman, Kelly Mallet, Simon Fisher, Nicholas Fisher, Andrew Webb, Caroline Davies, Sarah-Jane Sherratt, Monica Skelly, Joseph Anstis, Oliver Blackman, Tom Gardener, Julian Woodman. Third â€" Lucy Gardner, David Sherratt, Adam James, Rosy Jacob, Mrs Chris Rowse, Mrs Dot Chaffin, Mrs Ruth Hacking, Helen Couch, Joseph Watson, Martin Pearce. Front â€" Lee Juleff, Kevin May, Olivia Blackman, Tom Whetter, Daniel Blackman, Ashley Sinfield, Paul Tisdale, James Brewer. (Rowe)
Grampound school photo 1988
Grampound school photo 1988 (20112258)
Back â€" Holly Denning, Sharon Broom, Alastair Woodman, Kelly Mallett, Kim Denning, Phillip Simpson, Nicholas Fisher, Monica Skelly, Simon Fisher, Ragen Mallett, Chris Butler, Jeremy Cock, Glyn Davies, David Sherratt, Joseph Anstis. Second â€" Ian Markham, Tim Whetter, Amy Taylor, Jenny Bennett, Caroline Davies, George Dyson, Lee Broom, Caroline Champion, Richenda Tisdale, Sarah-Jane Sherratt, Dee Skelly, Paula Thomas, Daniel Watson, Elaine Taylor. Third â€" Michelle Flame, Jeremy Hill, Natalie Flame, Katie Tisdale, Valeria Cundy, Diane Bennett, Dot Chaffin, Ruth Hacking, Chris Rouse, Joy Rowe, Ann Ford, Simon James, Donna Whetter, Julian Woodman, Lisa Howard. Front â€" James Brewer, Dillon Mallett, Hal Stennet, Martin Pearce, Katherine Markham, Emma Flame, Zara de Winter, Adam James, Jo Watson, Ashley Sinfield, Lee Juleff, Paul Tisdale. (Rowe)
Grampound school photo 1987
Grampound school photo 1987 (20112257)
Back â€" Joseph Anstis, Kim Denning, David Sherratt, Kelly Mallett, Philip Simpson, Paula Thomas, Tim Whetter, Chris Butler, Ragen Mallett, Andrew Davidson, Jeremy Cock. Second â€" Caroline Davies, ? Fisher, Philip Allen, Richenda Tisdale, Lee Broom, Barnaby Lobb, Caroline Champion, Mark Cock, Sarah-Jane Sherratt, ? Fisher. Third â€" Alistair Woodman, Sharon Broom, Holly Denning, Donna Whetter, Katey Tisdale, Michelle Flame, Di Bennetts, Ruth Hacking (Headteacher), Dot Walker, Emma Flame, Natalie Flame, Charlotte Young, Emily Young, Jeremy Hill, Glyn Davies. Front â€" Joseph Watson, Dillon Mallet, Piers Davidson, Martin Pearce, Simon James, Julian Woodman, Ian Markham, Daniel Watson, Hal Stennatt. (Rowe)
Grampound school photo 1986
Grampound school photo 1986 (20112256)
Back â€" Paula Thomas, Simon Fisher, Jennifer Bennett, Phillip Allen, Caraline Hardaker, Mark Cock, Lee Broom, Caroline Champion, Caroline Davies, Nicholas Fisher. Second â€" Phillip Allen, Katherine Champion, Emma Carter, Matthew Hilton, Amanda Howard, Steven Tullett, Paul Warne, Neil Kendall, James Hardaker, James Theobald, Barnaby Lobb, Neal Gilbert, Tim Whetter. Third â€" Donna Whetter, Christopher Butler, Kim Denning, Andrew Davidson, Sharon Broom, Mrs Coates, Mrs Chaffin, Kelly Mallet, Petroc Gill, Ragen Mallet, Jeremy Cock, Emily Young. Front â€" Simon James, Glyn Davies, Dillon Mallett, Holly Denning, Charlotte Young, Jeremy Hill, Joseph Anstis, Emma Flame, Michelle Flame, Daniel Watson, Ian Markham, Alaistair Woodman. (Rowe)
Grampound school photo 1985
Grampound school photo 1985 (20112255)
Back â€" James Theobald, Alistair Lobb, James Petherbridge, James Hardaker, Christine Pipe, Mark Butler, Nicola Thomas, Neil Kendall, Michael Williams, Paul Warne, Tracey Champion, Paul Warne, Barnaby Lobb. Second â€" Philip Simpson, Tracey Risdon, Lee Broom, Caraline Hardaker, Neal Gilbert, Amanda Howard, Neil Heather, Katherine Champion, Caroline Champion, Mark Cock, Richenda Tisdale, Tim Whetter, Christopher Butler. Third â€" Ragen Mallett, Petroc Gill, Caroline Davies, David Sherratt, Donna Whetter, Andrew Davidson, Sue Coates (Headteacher), Heather James (Infant Teacher), Phillip Allen, Paula Thomas, Simon Fisher, Sarah-Jane Sherratt, Nicholas Fisher, Kelly Mallett. Front â€" Dillon Mallett Helen Mitchell, Michelle Flame, Katie Tisdale, Daniel Watson, Sharon Broom, Simon James, Craig Rogers, Alaistair Woodman, Joseph Anstis, Glyn Davies, Jeremy Cock, Brian Dawe. (Rowe)
Grampound school staff 1986
Grampound school staff 1986 (20112252)
Sue Coates (Head - seated) Dot Walker Joy Rowe (standing right) (Rowe)