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Frank Spry and Football team
Frank Spry and Football team (20110322)
Frank Spry is centre of front row â€" possibly 1920s. (Spry)
School Sports Day
School Sports Day (20112204)
Grampound School sports day 1989 Ruth Hacking (Paynter)
Grampound Carnival 1980
Grampound Carnival 1980 (20102066)
Grampound Carnival 1980 Carnival Queen and Queen’s attendants Crowe, Angela Chenoweth, Melissa Paynter, Allison Crown made of Croggon’s leather (Paynter)
Bowling club 1950
Bowling club 1950 (20090092)
The Bowling Club c1950. The person on the front left is Lewis Mannell of Glen View on Old Hill. (Hicks)
Bowling club 60th
Bowling club 60th (20090090)
Bowling Club 60th anniversary 1987. Pictured are (left to right) Tony Mogford, Vera Webb, Ron Hicks, Marie Jo James, Sheila Williams, Cliff Webb, Clem Knowles and Cyril Waters. (Hicks)
Good Citizen's award 2003-4
Good Citizen's award 2003-4 (20090057)
Ron Hicks receiving a Good Citizen's Award 2003-04 for his many contributions to the life of the village. These included winding the Town Hall clock for many years. (Hicks)
Carnival Queen 1949
Carnival Queen 1949 (20090054)
The Carnival Queen 1949. The Queen is Jean Juleff (now Hicks) and the attendants are (left) Joan Mannell and (right) Joan Richards. Both the Mannell and the Richards families occupied Glen View, the house that stands in the fork on Old Hill, at different times. (Hicks)
Winning relay team 1933
Winning relay team 1933 (20090050)
Winning Relay Team 1933. Standing at the back (from the left) are Audrey Mannell, Lilly Wyatt, Betty Pascoe. Kneeling in the centre are (from left) Kathleen Goodman, Helene Goodman. Seated at the front with the trophy is Barbara Allen (now Tregunna). (Tregunna)